Media Database

The PACS PR database is tailor-made to reach 1,500+ daily newsrooms and 2,000+ community and trade publications located in over 900 communities. There are 10,000+ members of the Canadian media and 20,000+ points of contact easily accessed on-line or downloaded to a computer. There are 75+ “beats” in the database allowing users to easily find relevant editors and reporters in their area of interest.

The bilingual interface enables a user to instantly find a news outlet, an individual, create a host of communication products and email communiqués.


  • All daily newspapers, websites and bureaus
  • All radio stations, websites and bureaus
  • All TV stations, websites and bureaus
  • All Radio and TV “talk/openline”
  • All Community newspapers
  • Trade publications

In just a few “Practical And Common Sense clicks” the pre-programmed features allow users to –

  • Create “Beat” contact reports
  • Email news/business releases
  • Email Letters to the Editor and Op-Ed articles
  • Email “Beat” editor(s) and reporter(s)
  • Link to Twitter accounts
  • “Save” your searches